Still Use Old Software? Beware.

3 min readJun 29, 2022


Apple, Microsoft, and Google have all retired once-popular technology. Bespoke software that perfectly fits your business might be the safer long-term option.

An immutable fact of life is that things are born then things die. That truism applies to technology: No matter how iconic or how global, technology and software eventually limp into the history books.

In the span of a couple months, three of the biggest and wealthiest technology companies have made moves that, though largely symbolic, should make companies think twice about trusting brand-name software for their business-critical internal processes.

To wit:

• Apple discontinued the iPod product line last month on May 10. After more than two decades, the revolutionary piece of hardware, which provided dozens of albums for your travels and white earphones for your auditory experience, had been made obsolete by the smartphones that it begat.

• Microsoft pulled the plug on its Internet Explorer on June 15. Sure, most had long ago moved on to other web browsers. Nevertheless, IE introduced millions to the internet. Love it or hate it, it feels like another touchstone of the early years of the internet gone away.

• And, this week, Google will bring the axe down on the G Suite legacy free edition, which included email and apps like Docs and Calendar. Google had promised to keep it free. Now, either small businesses start paying a monthly charge or, as of Aug. 1, the accounts will be suspended.

All three — the iPod, Internet Explorer, and the G Suite legacy free edition — now join the club that includes so many other once-popular tools, like Netscape Navigator, Myspace, Napster, Blackberries, PalmPilots, and the AltaVista search engine.

Could discontinuation or changes affect your business?

Upgrade to Bespoke Software

Many companies still use software that was installed years ago. Many others still pass around paper documents to get approval signatures. A lot of people retype the same nut graph for email after email.

Outdated software and tired processes slow everything down. Departments don’t collaborate. Everything feels inefficient.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You need not suffer through long days of repetitive emails and (actual) paperwork. Automation and paperless offices are commonplace — and your workplace can be updated with the latest technology relatively easily and inexpensively.

Jetveo is a low-code business application builder that empowers companies that still use pen and paper or out-of-date software to automate their business-critical processes in 10 business days or less.

We develop solutions that are tailored to your exact specifications.

And we do it quickly.

Replace paperwork and couriers with bespoke software.

Low-code Programming is the Jetveo Difference

Jetveo can make bespoke web applications because it has its own built-from-the-ground-up low-code app builder that is fine-tuned for efficiency: Building blocks establish the foundation for the apps and C# coding customizes the business logic for each unique case.

Don’t pay for name-brand solutions or wait months for classic programming. Customized software is not expensive, neither to develop nor to maintain.

Low-code programming is 10 times faster than classic programming, and 10 times more inexpensive. So: Upgrade your technology with powerful workflow software in 10 business days or less.

Bespoke software won’t break the bank. But it will be a step forward with updated technology and a hedge against uncertainty wrought by even the biggest software companies.