Low-code Programming is the Future. Are You Ready?

Businesses around the world use low-code to streamline their operations.

Low-code programming is considered, by many, to be the style of development that will be most popular in the very near future. It is designed to enable users to quickly and efficiently develop websites and apps.

Classic Programming (High-code programming)

Classic Programming requires advanced knowledge and many different types of software. Developing an app from scratch can be complex. The lead programmer, whose experience comes at a not insignificant cost, must have expertise with establishing databases, establishing APIs, designing user interfaces, and implementing security.

No-code Programming

No-code programming is a simplified version because it does not include the option to customize the business logic. You don’t need years of education to build a website with a no-code platform. Nor do you need even a tiny bit of experience with programming. In fact, no-code platforms and their useability by non-programming normal people have added a new term to the tech lexicon: “gentleman programmers”.

Low-code Programming is the Best of Both Worlds

Like a no-code platform, there is a short learning curve and building blocks quickly establish the data foundations and user interfaces that are common in all websites and apps. Templates and components save time and provide specific processes. Deployment to the internet takes one click. A what-you-see-is-what-you-get display shows the real-time version of the software. And quick iterations enable the user to keep an eye on the process, come up with new ideas, and, perhaps, make additional customizations. Novices and junior programmers can jump right in and make something without a lot of training.

Jetveo is the Future of Low-code

The Jetveo platform was built to take full advantage of the low-code programming model to enable developers to generate all sorts of business applications, like CRMs, HR tools, help desks and more. It provides the fastest and most efficient way to full-company digitalization.



Jetveo, low-code platform with C# for developers

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