Jetveo Partner Program Provides Agility for IT Companies

3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Large IT companies have the resources, but with Jetveo Platform and our Partner Program they will gain speed and increase productivity.

Jetveo Partner Program Strengthens IT Companies

Is productivity slowing because of an outdated programming model? Perhaps it is time to consider the low-code approach.

Does one of your customers need something immediately? Bolster your competitive advantage with speed and flexibility to handle last-minute demands.

Will scalability be a hindrance when you grow internationally and quickly need to hire a talented workforce? Experience with growth and a short learning curve will quickly get the new group building apps and earning money.

The Jetveo Partner Program can provide support for all of these.

Using the many benefits of the Jetveo Platform and App Builder, the Partner Program is a community of companies large and small that all want to reach the ultimate goal: keep customers happy so that they keep paying the bills.

What is the Jetveo Platform and App Builder?

Competitive Advantage

The Jetveo App Builder has proven to create apps quickly and efficiently, reducing the time from idea to realization from months to hours.

For example, the Jetveo low-code approach enables programmers (both senior and junior) to quickly create a Minimum Viable Product to begin detailed consultations with the client so that rapid iterations will quickly lead to finished apps.

Most importantly, this streamlined process frees up resources for the next app for the next client.

Productivity Scalability

Similarly, when a company outgrows its home country and looks to expand abroad, there are many related steps. Apps need to be translated. New customers need to be identified. Plus, the new workforce needs to get up to speed. The short learning curve of the Jetveo App Builder shortens the transition period to quickly get apps in progress for paying customers.

How Does the Jetveo Partner Program Help?

Training and Certification

Sometimes developers and programmers are loathe to step out of the box to consider a new solution. They may provide an acceptable final product, but miss out on a more elegant solution with a longer shelf-life.

The Jetveo Platform and App Builder is packed with opportunities. The Partner Program includes training and certification to make sure that every bit of potential is realized. Plus, the Developer Portal is packed with tutorials and explanations.

Service Level Agreement Direct Line to Jetveo Revenue Stream

Budgets and cost cutting affect businesses large and small. The Jetveo Partner Program provides a lucrative Affiliate Program that could generate a significant amount of money.

Incubator for Young Talent

Being part of a community of like-minded IT companies provides access to a pool of employees who may be interested in lateral moves or, for the more ambitious, vertical moves to advance their careers.

Plus, there are many other benefits for smaller companies and entrepreneurial and freelance programmers, like a network for finding new customers, recognition in the Jetveo Partner List and promotional and marketing material, access to a supportive community that has experts to share knowledge, and access to the Jetveo Marketplace to sell ready-made solutions, metadata packages and plugins.

Interested in all of these benefits? Join the Jetveo Partner Program.

Originally published at on February 17, 2022.