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2 min readNov 23, 2021


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The Jetveo Platform and Apps Builder, which combines the intuitive user interface of a low-code platform with the power and flexibility of C# coding, has been launched to help programmers build apps to solve business problems.

“If you know just a little bit of programming, then Jetveo will give you the foundation to make any number of applications,” said Marcel Šerý, the founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Jetveo is the middle ground between no-code and classic programming. It takes the best from both worlds so that programmers have everything they need to make apps quickly and inexpensively.”

Jetveo 1.0 is the culmination of several years of development, trial and error, and application-building for a wide range of customers, including Bamboolik biodegradable diapers, Elanek nursery schools, ABB, fingood, Allrisk, and the National Theatre of Prague. The previous iteration was known as AppNow.

It is the perfect tool for freelance programmers, developers looking for a framework to start their own small business, and enterprise operations that have an IT team for in-house and business-specific development.

Go to to establish a free account and access to the Jetveo Platform. There are two levels of applications: Free Applications (up to five end-users) and Standard Applications. Both are intended for commercial use.

The Jetveo Platform is hosted by Microsoft Azure and provides the space to maintain numerous apps, with updated analytical data for users, data usage and API calls. The Jetveo Apps Builder has an intuitive interface that allows for step-by-step creation of apps. And the Jetveo Cloud, which is part of the Azure Cloud, maintains the data so that it is secure and available anywhere there is internet access.

The Jetveo Apps Builder toolbox is filled with prepared (and customizable) tools for Architecture, Authentication, Security, Scaling, Deployment, Hosting, Backups, Migration, Native App integration, External Integration, Translations, Payments and Monitoring.

“I always wanted to create a sandbox where programmers could go and try things out,” said Šerý, who spent four years refining the platform. “All the platforms try to market it for business people. There was nothing for programmers. I am a programmer first. I know what they need and they will get all in this one place.”

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