Jetveo: Increase Productivity with Customized Apps

4 min readFeb 9, 2022


Don’t pay for general solutions.
Leverage the basic knowledge of your staff to quickly and inexpensively build custom apps.

The days of filing cabinets and fax machines are over. Contemporary businesses want paperless employee files, streamlined and online workflows, and seamless communication to relay financial and other important information.

Why pay for general solutions that cannot be easily customized to a specific business? Why not leverage the basic knowledge of your staff to quickly and inexpensively build custom apps?

Don’t worry. It is easier than you think.

The Jetveo Platform and App Builder offers a low-code development process that solves many problems.

Here are just three of its many advantages that will allay the fears that many companies have:

  1. Speed and quality remove long and expensive development processes;
  2. The development of junior programmers is a ballast against tough-to-find and expensive senior programmers; and
  3. Keeping your proprietary knowledge in-house provides peace of mind and allows for quick updates to stay ahead of business evolutions.

Partner companies, like Alfaveo in the Czech Republic and Zwei-Liter-Maschine in Germany, show how they benefited from all three as they developed real-world solutions for their clients.

Speed and Quality

Speed is a hallmark of the Jetveo App Builder. What once took hundreds of hours, now takes dozens.

After the initial customer request is planned out, the app builder provides a logical process to program the app and implement the solution. Putting the basic framework in place is key. Once the Minimum Viable Product is released, one programmer can add features, another can make enhancements, and another can go through a full checklist of testing. Iterations are quick.

And the client can play an on-going role, making requests for spot changes or fine-tuning the adjustments to perfectly fit their own internal processes.

The process takes a fraction of the time that was necessary for the traditional development process, and a built-in system throws up stop signs with errors and warnings when coding is not up to the proper standards.

For example, Jetveo was used to create a complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Elanek, a large network of nursery school franchises. After just 48-hours of development, which included planning, programming, and back-and-forth consultations, the first app was put into use to handle paperwork, capacity planning, reporting and more. Now, 200 employees can better concentrate on providing a well-functioning and safe environment for 1,000 toddlers.

Development of Junior Programmers

Jetveo offers the best of both worlds: the simplicity and efficiency of low-code programming with the flexibility and power of classic programming.

Senior programmers get the flexibility and customization power of C# and low-code speed.

Junior developers benefit, too. They get an intuitive interface and logical features in order to provide support within the overall process, thus increasing the speed of development and building experience for the future.

Alfaveo, for example, invested in the growth of a young programmer and reaped the benefits when he quickly applied basic computer programing skills to the Jetveo App Builder in order to successfully build apps to streamline the in-house processes of the National Theatre of Prague (e.g., a Headless CMS and SPA; workflow for recording and approval of decommissioned assets).

He also provided support for the development of a warehouse management system for Bamboolik, an innovative and environmental-friendly textile producer, to streamline the order fulfilment process and benefit the environment through the new paperless system.

Keep Knowledge In-house for Quick Updates

Zwei-Liter-Maschine used the Jetveo App Builder to quickly create apps for companies in Northern Germany, and now maintains them to evolve with the businesses.

For example, vielWerk, which manages hundreds of buildings of multiple renters, used to rely on ancient software, emails, spreadsheets and lots of paperwork; now they have communication channels to connect real-world damage to internal staff, third-party contractors and insurance companies (with photos even).

Brasche Immobilien is another company that handles rental properties. They got a back end structure for a mobile app that frees up their employees to move from place to place.

Maintaining those two clients on the Jetveo Platform enables Zwei-Liter-Maschine to adjust to business realities, like when vielWerk adds another building or when Brasche Immobilien wants to add another feature to their mobile interfaces.

And these are just a few of the specific examples of how the Jetveo Platform and App Builder have helped businesses better handle their day-to-day operations.

Fast development leads to the expedited production of a Minimum Viable Product; there is ready access to popular plug-in tools; complex apps can be divided among a team; there is an intuitive layout with shortcut keystrokes, magic-wand wizards and automation; apps are stored in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud; and there is professional support at every step within the detailed Developer Portal.

Looking for an app to solve a bothersome pain point?

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