Digitalization Is The Key To Business Efficiency

From the Beer We Drink to the Business Operations We Want to Improve

2 min readDec 21, 2022

The Czech Republic is a beer-drinking country that has happily brewed and consumed the alcoholic drink for centuries.

Yet, even the age-old process of brewing beer has improved with technology. Breweries have operational centers that resemble the control rooms of nuclear reactors. Shipping has been streamlined. Marketing and sales have been bolstered.

Recently, even the very final step of beer delivery has been digitalized: 45 pubs across the Czech Republic now use 1,200 sensors to collect data on beer flow and the temperatures of the tubes and taps.

Important stuff.

Clearly, the ubiquity of technology is not a new concept. Yet, even today, companies pass pieces of paper around the office for signatures and new-hire employees spend their first day on the job filling out paperwork.

So, the tapping of beer in pubs is just more proof that if your business is not up on the latest in technology, you may be falling behind.

How Digitalization Will Help Your Business

There are many potential applications for technology for businesses:

- Pen-and-paper checklists can be eliminated with a bespoke smartphone app;

- Excel spreadsheets can be converted into efficient applications to remove human error;

- Documents can be stored electronically so that filing cabinets are no longer needed;

- Paper forms can be scanned and sent within moments;

- Electronic signatures can be used to save a lot of time;

- Compliance with international laws, like the European Union’s GDPR, can be simplified for businesses that must maintain files and paperwork for a decade;

- Automated email and electronic transfers can replace snail mail and expedite contract negotiations;

- Repetitive communication can be simplified;

- Software can be integrated with external API, XMLS, and other services to consolidate the collection of data and communication; and

- A logical back end can be created for a mobile app through API, including getting and uploading data and enabling secure user authentication.

The list goes on and on — and, importantly, it can be applied in a multitude of ways and customized to specific business requirements.

Jetveo Platform and App Builder

Jetveo helps companies realize their potential through digitalization. It makes bespoke software to effectively replace pen and paper or out-of-date software, enabling companies to streamline decision-making and approvals.

Because it uses its own built-from-the-ground-up low-code programming platform, Jetveo promises to produce a demonstration MVP in two days and then a final app in 10 business days or less.